Episode Description:

In this webinar, Jason van Schie and Joelle Mitchell of FlourishDx discuss the changing face of health and safety legislation in Australia. They also explore how common practice approaches to psychosocial risk assessment don’t measure up and how to improve current best practice.

About Our Experts

Global Head of Psychological Health and Safety

Joelle Mitchell

Joelle is an Organisational Psychologist and human factors specialist.
She takes academic research findings from the fields of psychology, OHS and human factors, and translates them into the language and tools used in the field of risk management.

She applies the principles of evidence-based practice to drive improvement in psychological health and safety outcomes. Her qualifications include a BSc(Honours) and a Master of Applied Psychology, and she is a certified ISO45001 auditor.

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Managing Director

Jason van Schie

Jason van Schie is the Managing Director of People Diagnostix. Jason holds a Masters of Applied Psychology (Occupational) and has been working as a registered psychologist since 2005. He has a wealth of experience consulting to workplaces and schools locally and internationally in the areas of health, wellbeing and safety.

He is the lead contributor to FlourishDx – a leading psychological health and safety digital platform that makes integrated and risk based approach to workplace mental health accessible at scale. He is also the co-host of the Psych Health and Safety Podcast and course instructor on the 45003 Academy – both free resources to rapidly advance psychological health and safety understanding and practice.

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