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With the proliferation of digital mental health tools there has never been so many choices about what to use with your workforce. Having worked with clients from all over the world since 2018 with the FlourishDx technology platform, we have received key insights about what is needed to meet the needs of customers. This is also informed by best practice guidelines like that released by the World Health Organisation in September last year.

When deciding on what technology platform is right for you, you need to consider what it will be used for. Is the tool to be used as the intervention (e.g. mindfulness, therapy), education (e.g. mental health awareness training), or consultation (e.g. psychosocial risk assessment)? Who created the content and how does the vendor exercise clinical governance? Is the content suitable for a variety of audiences that may differ in ethnicity, gender, job type, literacy level, accessibility needs or language? You will also need to consider data security requirements set by your cyber security team. For example, is the vendor certified to ISO 27001 or SOC 2 compliant – and what is the difference anyway!? Where is data stored?To help navigate this complexity, we’ve put together a one-page comparison checklist for general workplace mental health digital tools. Note – tools that offer tertiary intervention through therapy/pharmaceutical dispensary services will need to be evaluated differently.